Payment Policy

Paying with check

Once the team fills out the form on the website, they will be sent an invoice with the address for the check. If a check cannot be sent in, the team will need to make a donation to the school and have Emory International Relations Association (EIRA) as the donor recipient.

Paying with credit card

To pay via credit card, the team will have to donate the correct amount on the  invoice to our organization using this link: DONATE

Under 'Designations', the representative of the team should select 'other' and type "Emory International Relations Association" under 'specific designation'. Because we are unable to view donations, you must email us a copy of your receipt as proof of payment. 

It is essential to follow these exact instructions in order to ensure that your money ends up in the correct place, and avoid having to re-do the payment.

Any questions should be sent to