The Secretariat is a group of twelve students responsible for the overall coordination of #MUNEVIII. 

Get to know them here!


Miguel Vivar-Alcalde



Miguel Vivar-Alcalde is a senior in the business school, studying finance and real estate. Miguel was born and raised in Memphis, TN. He has been involved with MUNE for all four years of college, most recently having served as Director-General for MUNE VII. Outside of MUNE, Miguel loves to try new food, watch his favorite soccer team, Real Madrid, and keep up with political and business news. 

Moira Meijaard


Director-General of Operations

Moira Meijaard is a senior from Miami, FL, studying English and Economics. She has been involved in EIRA for three years and previously served as the Director of Special Events in MUNE VII and an Assistant Crisis Director for the Spanish Reconquest committee in MUNE VI. Having participated in Model United Nations for six years now, she’s excited for her journey to end with MUNE VIII - which will undoubtedly be the best yet. In her free time, she loves to travel, practice martial arts, and watch romantic comedies.

Cameron Hall


Director-General of Committees

Cameron Hall is a senior from Columbus, OH, studying International Studies and Quantitative Social Sciences. He has previously served as the crisis director of the Dissolution of the EU 2025 committee at MUNE VI and the Politburo 1985 committee at MUNE VII. In his free time Cameron displays many Europhile tendencies including but not limited to following soccer, listening to EDM and cooking Italian food. The fastest way to his heart is telling him that you love maps as much as he does.

Rebecca Kalik


Under Secretary-General of Committees

Rebecca is a junior studying Neuroscience & Behavioral Biology on the Pre-Law track. She is incredibly excited to return to MUNE, after serving as the Chair for Corruption Commotion: The Fate of the Mexican Nation for MUNE VII. As a delegate, Rebecca’s favorite committees to engage in are GA or contemporary crisis committees. When she isn’t busy studying or mentoring high schoolers, Rebecca loves to explore Atlanta restaurants, bike, and take extensive naps. 

Morgan Pace


Under Secretary-General of Committees

Morgan Pace is a junior from Columbus, GA — the superior Columbus. She’s studying Political Science and Philosophy, and has been involved with MUNE since her freshman year. She previously served as Director of Publicity for MUNE VII. She can usually be found carefully curating her social media presence, watching John Mulaney specials on Netflix, and spending all of her time with the Under Secretary-General of Staff, Alexandra Grouzis. 

Drew Siegal


Under Secretary-General of Committees

Drew Siegal is a sophomore from Boston, MA, studying Political Science on the Pre-Law track. Drew has been involved in MUN since high school, when he led the Beaver Country Day School team to several Best Delegation awards. Most recently, he served as the Chair of the Ad-Hoc Committee (The Clash of the Titans 2268) during MUNE VII. Outside of Model UN, Drew is an avid basketball fan, a Waffle House aficionado, and John Oliver’s number one fan. 

Alexandra Grouzis


Under Secretary-General of Staff

Alexandra Grouzis is a junior from Nashville, TN studying Political Science and Media Studies. Alexandra has been involved in MUN both in high school and since the start of college, and most recently served as the Chair of the Dunder Mifflin Committee during MUNE VII. Alexandra enjoys spending her free time watching Political Comedy news, hanging out in Atlanta with her friends, and spending time with the Under Secretary-General, Morgan Pace. 

Julie Park


Under Secretary-General of Business & Outreach

Julie Park is a junior from Naperville, Illinois, majoring in English. She joined Model UN for the first time as a freshman and has remained involved after staffing the MUNE VI South African Ending Apartheid committee. She enjoys traveling to new places, writing, shopping, and cooking during her free time. 

Wendy Avilés


Under Secretary-General of Media & Design

Wendy Avilés is a sophomore from the Dominican Republic, studying International Studies and Linguistics. MUN became a lifestyle for her since the beginning of high school. At Emory, she served as the Chair of the China in the 21st Century Crisis Committee for MUNE VII. Some of her other passions include having political rants in her social media stories or Twitter, taking photos, writing poetry, listening to rock and reggae mainly in Spanish, and spamming WhatsApp groups with stickers in different languages. 

Cayleigh Jackson


Head Emergency Logistics Staffer

Cayleigh Jackson is a junior from Panama City, Florida, double majoring in International Studies and Economics. She first became involved with Model UN after coming to Emory, and at MUNE VII, she served as the ACD for the Dunder Mifflin Committee. Outside of Model UN, she loves music (mainly playing the piano and singing in choir) and linguistics––she spends a lot of her spare time writing poetry or studying Mandarin Chinese.

Adithi Kumar


Head Emergency Logistics Staffer

Adithi Kumar is a sophomore, born and raised in Australia for a while and India thereafter, studying Biology and Economics. She was involved in Model UN in high school which encouraged her to continue in college. She most recently served as a staffer in the China in the 21st Century Crisis Committee during MUNE VII. Besides Model UN, some of Adithi’s interests include soccer, ballet, making short videos/films, photography, spontaneous hikes and her new found addiction to her ukelele. 

Trenade Brotherton


Head Emergency Logistics Staffer

Trenade Brotherton is a sophomore, originally from Kansas City, Kansas, and recently relocated to Phoenix, Arizona. She did debate and speech throughout high school and started Model UN in college. She participated in MUNE VII as a staffer for Corruption Commotion: The Fate of the Mexican Nation. Outside of MUN, Trenade likes to work with the Atlanta Urban Debate League and is studying physics with aspirations of teaching in the future.